Crewlift, disabled boating/sailing hoist

Crewlift Prices

This price list excludes VAT and is for guidance only and may be subject to change. Please confirm all prices with your Crewlift representative before placing an order.

Code Name Price (£) Notes
CDASY Crewlift Davit Assembly 5,151.00 Consists of all lifting machinery and load spreader bar.  Price includes mandatory commissioning and initial user instruction.  Excludes travel.
FBLTS 6 x Fixing Bolts 30.00 For fastening to concrete base.
PVCCO PVC Cover 158.33 For protection and security.  Can be padlocked (not included).
PHAND Pump Handle 22.00 For use as a spare.
SYBOX Security Box 200.00 Protects the pump assembly and effectively prohibits use.  Padlock not included.
SLGU4 Lift Sling Small 140.00 Non-quilted with positioning handles. Sourced from Chiltern Invadex.  Price subject to change.
SLGU5 Lift Sling Medium 140.00 As sling small
SLGU6 Lift Sling Large 154.17 As sling small
OHWP Wispa 12V Electric Hoist 1379.00 Portable with Battery, Charger and Remote Control.  Maximum lift is 130Kg.  Sourced from Chiltern Invadex.  Price subject to change.
INSTL Installation N/A Subject to survey and distance.
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